Monthly Archives: September 2012

Want to be a Grade Center Guru? Sharing Grades with Students

So it’s that time of year again and all of your students have begun to ask you what their grades are in your course. Want to avoid the flood of emails coming through? Go ahead and check out what grade information your students can see…. from their point of view. You are in control of what Grade Center data is released to your students. First make sure My Grades

Boot Camp: Teaching Online with UTC Online

This fall and winter the Center for Online/Distance Learning is offering two opportunities to explore teaching and learning online in an intensive 2 week hybrid* workshop. This workshop will prepare participants to supplement their face-to-face course with online interactions and activities or design an online course. Workshop participants will test their readiness for online instruction, explore best practices in online teaching, and unpack how to create content, interaction and

Don’t Forget to Welcome Your Students!

It is a new semester and a new start for both you and your students.  While designing your online class, it is easy to get distracted by creating your syllabus, posting lecture notes, and everything else that comes along with online learning, but don’t forget the basics of welcoming your students to the class!  The welcome message is the first thing students will see upon entering the class.  This