This fall and winter the Center for Online/Distance Learning is offering two opportunities to explore teaching and learning online in an intensive 2 week hybrid* workshop. This workshop will prepare participants to supplement their face-to-face course with online interactions and activities or design an online course. Workshop participants will test their readiness for online instruction, explore best practices in online teaching, and unpack how to create content, interaction and assessments for delivery online.

*Workshop participants will meet in-person 2 times in addition to completing activities online. Course requires approximately 16 hours total (2 hours are face-to-face along with optional face-to-face lab time). The group will meet face-to-face during the second week. Specific dates and times for face-to-face meetings will be determined by participant availability.

Join us this fall or winter:

October 8-19 (meets online*) – sign up for this session

January 28- February 8 (meets online*) – sign-up for this session


For more information contact Erin Noseworthy.

401 Hunter Hall