So it’s that time of year again and all of your students have begun to ask you what their grades are in your course. Want to avoid the flood of emails coming through? Go ahead and check out what grade information your students can see…. from their point of view.

You are in control of what Grade Center data is released to your students. First make sure My Grades is not hidden to students, by clicking on the chevron button and selecting Show Link.





Next, enter your Grade Center and check to see if each of your grade columns permits students to view the grade. To do this, use the chevron button next to the grade column and click Edit Column Information. Scroll down to 3. Options and make sure Show this Column to Students is set to Yes.

Take it one step further and use your Test Student to view My Grades from a student’s perspective.

(Control Panel > Course Tools > Add a Test Student) 

You can also update your Test Student password if you have forgotten the Test Student’s unique password.








*Note that the Test Student ID is the same as your UTC ID with “_s” added to the end.

For more information on mastering the Grade Center check out our UTC Online Faculty Tutorials.


BenitezLindsay Benitez
Graduate Assistant
Walker Center for Teaching and Learning