The Center for Online and Distance Learning is a new entity here at UTC.  Our goal is to expand online and distance class offerings, as well as present entire programs online.  In addition to Blackboard, UTC CODL is experimenting with a couple of different technologies to help faculty deliver courses online.  One of the most promising is called Mediasite. 

Mediasite is a lecture capture technology that records a presenter’s video with audio and the content that they are presenting, and combines them into one presentation.  This content can be streamed live or can be recorded and stored so students can access the content on-demand.  Mediasite also offers a level of interactivity where students can ask questions, answer polls, or visit links that the instructor has prepared beforehand.  If faculty are concerned about intellectual property, the presentations can be protected behind a login so only those enrolled in the class or otherwise granted access can view the content. 


Mediasite is ideal for other applications as well, such as live-streaming of events on campus, including Commencement.  Some examples of how we have used it here at UTC can be found here. Appropriate for the political season that we are in, Mediasite was used recently by Marquette University to inform voters of the results of a voter attitude poll that was conducted on campus and has been used many times in the past to stream other political discussions and events. 

In the near future, Mediasite will be releasing a desktop recorder version that will enable faculty to record from their work computers, home computers, or while they are teaching a live class. 

It is certain the lecture capture and video will be an increasing part of higher education in the years to come.  Do you think lecture capture or video could be a part of your classroom?  In what ways could it expand or reinforce your teaching?  Not sure?  Check out this upcoming webinar for some ideas. 

Aaron Shoemaker