Finals are approaching quickly! Here are a few tips to make the week a little less stressful.

  • Get an early start
    • Don’t wait until the day before to begin studying. Start preparing for your exams at least a week before.
  • Check UTC Online
    • Check your courses on blackboard for study guides or tips from your professors on preparing for the exam.
  • Organize
    • Utilize your planner. Mark down each of your finals and their start times. It is also helpful to mark in your planner a study schedule (i.e. what you need to study for each day and how much time you should devote to each subject)
  • Outline
    • Making an outline will give you a great starting place. For each subject make an outline of the key points to study. Go back and fill in the specific details.
  • Make flash cards
    • After you have made your outline, make flash cards with the key points on one side and the specific details for that point on the other. Keep the flashcards with you in case you have spare time to look over them.
  • Get help
    • Don’t be afraid to go to your professor for help. If you do not understand a topic, they are more than willing to help. Tutors are also available for assistance, as well as peers who are in your class.
  • Sleep
    • Your brain needs rest to help you pass those tests! Get at least 7 hours of sleep the night before your big test.
  • Don’t rush
    • Take your time during your test. Read every question carefully so you can give the best answer.

Good Luck!


Jessica Cardwell



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