Finals week is here and you may be wondering what your grade is in a particular course or how well to do on your final to pull of an A. A great way to get started is to view your Grades and Feedback within UTC Online.

Checking Grades

There are two possible ways to check your grades. If your grades are in neither of the following locations, you should contact your instructor to find out whether they are posting grades and making them available within UTC Online.

1.)  From within a course, click on the My Grades button in the Control Panel. This will give you your grades for this course only.














2.)  To check your grades for all courses, click on My Grades located in the Tools module on the Main Page. Then select a course from the My Courses/Organizations list.


Reviewing Feedback

Now that you know how to get to My Grades, you can also see if your instructor has left you any feedback. If your instructor has enabled this feature you will be able to receive detailed information about how you performed on you test, quiz, or submitted assignments. Detailed feedback can be found by clicking on your grade or reviewing the Comments column.

Check out this informative video to explore My Grades and its features.


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