The Blackboard Mobile Learn app is now available on most mobile device (iOS, Android, Palm, and BlackBerry) and all network providers. Mobile Learn is available to all UTC students, faculty, and staff at no cost.

Blackboard’s mobile app allows for easy access to course announcements, content, and grades on the go! Stay connected with students and explore new opportunities for learning and connecting outside the classroom.

While Blackboard Mobile Learn is an excellent tool for staying connected with students and faculty, it is not recommended (or possible, in some cases) that instructors use Blackboard Mobile for course management functions (creating or grading assignments, adding content, working in the Grade Center).

Additionally, students should not rely solely on Blackboard Mobile to participant in online class activities and should avoid using the mobile app to complete any assignments or assessments.

Accessing Blackboard via a full computer browser is still necessary for both faculty and students in order to complete many online course activities.

For installation instructions and instructional recommendations, visit UTC Online’s Blackboard Mobile Learn webpage.


Erin Noseworthy

Senior Instructional Designer


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