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Avoid the ‘Install Plugin’ Message When Adding a File to Your Blackboard Course

Build Content >File is an easy way to add content to your course.  Files may include Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, or PDF documents.  A more detailed explanation of how to add these documents can be found here.   When using Build Content > File, there is an option to have the attached file open in a new window. Always use the option to Open in New Window.    

Welcome back!

I am so excited to be able to welcome you to Fall 2012 at UTC.  It’s a new year full of excitement, expectation, fresh faces (mine included), and a new twist on online and distance learning for UTC with the new Center for Online and Distance Learning.  We are in full swing and ready to support you with your online and distance learning endeavors. For faculty, the Center for

Giving Online Exams: Instructor Best Practices

We’ve arrived at the end of the semester. Let the mad dash to the semester finish line begin! Over the next few days many exams will be given and many final grades will be recorded. If you are considering giving your final exam in UTC Online (Blackboard) below are some practices and test settings to consider before exam day. Creating a test: Use Questions Sets and Blocks to randomize

Blackboard Security Warning

Starting Monday you may notice a security warning in UTC Online (Blackboard) when you attempt to access certain materials or tools. This warning is due to an expired Java certificate. Please follow the steps below to resolve the user issue. When the security warning appears, check “Always trust content from this publisher” and then Run. The UTC Online support team will apply patches to the Blackboard system later this

Welcome Back and Looking Forward: Customizing the Look of Your Course Part II

Getting bored with the same look of your online class?  Spice things up by adding a customized banner to your course! How do I create the banner?  Though there is no required size or shape for a banner, keep in mind that different sized monitors will display it differently.  A banner that fills the whole screen on a large monitor, may not fully display on a smaller monitor. Generally,

Are you feeling the Midterm Madness? Student guide for preparing for an online test

Before your test begins you should make sure all pop-up blockers (any software or application that disables a pop-up) are turned off and close any other software you may be running. Give yourself plenty of time to take the test, accounting for any technical difficulties you may have. Make sure you follow directions from start to finish and be sure not to close out of your test before submitting

Share Weekly Articles Using a Course Blog

Blackboard’s Blog tool has many uses, but it can be intimidating to use an unfamiliar technology with students in a hybrid or online course. So start out small and slow; give yourself a chance to become comfortable with the technology. Why not try an instructor blog to get started. Share weekly or bimonthly articles with your students and ask them to respond to the article using comments. Once you

Discussion Forums: They don’t have to be a headache

Using online discussion forums can add a whole new dimension to your classroom. Students learn and remember material better when they continue to engage with it and each other between class periods.  Depending on how you choose to set up your forum, however, it can either be a helpful addition or a frustration to both you and your students. Whether you decide to have each student create their own

Archive and Export before you wrap up this semester

Faculty, As you tidy your desk and organize files before heading home for winter break, take the time to archive and export your online courses as well. A course archive will retain all course information including student activity. It is recommended that you save an archive of every course you teach.  Blackboard will create a zip folder containing your course archive. Do not unzip this file; should you need

UTC Online Blackboard Upgrade: New Feature Focus

At the end of the 2011 fall semester we will upgrade our Blackboard system from Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 4 to Backboard 9.1 Service Pack 6. Fear not, this Blackboard release primarily fixes bugs and functionality behind the scenes; you may not even notice the change! Continue to prepare your courses in UTC Online for the spring as usual. However, there are some useful new features to bring to