Possible Explanation of the SuperMicro Supply Chain Hack

A tech guru postulates on how a chip could be added to the SuperMicro motherboards to allow ex filtration of data without the user’s knowledge.

iOS 12.0.1

Update your iOS device to fix some bugs with 12.

Google+ Shutdown Coming Soon

Google is shutting down Google+ for consumers over the next year due to low usage.  There are also reports of customer data (phone number, occupation, etc.) being leaked via a flaw in an API.

Facebook View As Flaw Affects 50 Million

A flaw in Facebook’s “view as” allowed the theft of login tokens, so you may have to log back in to view your pages.  No word yet if the bad guys stole anything important, but if your Facebook password is used on another site you might want to change both.

Newegg Hacked by MageCart

Info skimming Javascript scraped credit card data from customers and MageCart group would need access to Newegg’s servers to pull it off.  Check your account and change your password if you use Newegg the computer hardware retailer.

September 2018 Patch Tuesday

Update your Microsoft, Adobe, and Apple products.

Update to Windows 10 Introducing Storage Sense

The new service will automatically (via how often they are used) move local Onedrive files to online storage and replace them with placeholders to conserve disk space.  The Disk Cleanup utility will be deprecated and its functionality  will be automated via Storage Sense.

CryptoCurrency Investment Framework Atlas Quantum Breached

If you use Atlas Quantum to manage your “bitcoins,” you need to change your passwords.  They say no funds were lost.

T-Mobile Customer Data for 20 Million Users Stolen

Personal information (such as name, home address, phone number but not password or financial info) has been stolen from T-Mobile.  If you we’re affected, you should have received a notification.   

Using High Wattage IoT Devices to Bring Down the Power Grid

A new paper details the possibility of using Internet connected high wattage devices, such as water heaters and air conditioners, to crash the power grid.  Basically turning on these devices to draw more power than the grid can supply.