Using High Wattage IoT Devices to Bring Down the Power Grid

A new paper details the possibility of using Internet connected high wattage devices, such as water heaters and air conditioners, to crash the power grid.  Basically turning on these devices to draw more power than the grid can supply.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday August 2018

SANS has released an overview of the patches released by Microsoft for August.  While many are rated as critical, the team at SANS has not marked any as “patch now.”  Update when you can.

Adobe Patches August 2018

Adobe has released patches for Flash, Acrobat, and Reader.   Patch when you can by using Check for Updates from the help menu.  Flash on Windows 10 will patch automatically.

FaxSploit – Pivoting via Fax

Malicious faxed images can take over a fax machine which can then be used to infiltrate networks.

NetSpectre: Using Spectre via the Network

A new type of side channel attack can allow guessing of the contents of a computer’s memory.  

PowerGhost = PowerShell + Eternal Blue for Cryptomining

Kaspersky has discovered a new cryptomining malware that uses the Eternal Blue (SMB) exploit to run Powershell commands.

US Dept of Justice New Policy to Notify Targets of Cyber Attacks

The DOJ has a new policy that will notify organizations (and individuals) if they are detected targets of cyberattacks or propaganda campaigns. 

US and Indian Govts Crack Down on Bogus Call Centers

Up to 20 years in prison and millions in fines, the US and Indian governments are working together in an attempt to stop calls from “Microsoft” and the “IRS” from affecting consumers in both countries.

LabCorp Hacked

The network of the largest blood testing company in the US has been breeched.  They say there is no evidence of transfer of data and they shutdown their network just in case.  More details to follow.

Microsoft July Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released patches for its software products.  Update when you can.