Monthly Archives: May 2009

ITD Phishing Q & A

We would just like to thank everyone for coming out and participating in the ITD phishing Q&A.  We had a really good turn out and we hope to draw that crowd again for our next one. We will post the slideshow from the presentation in the next day or so. Keep checking back here for updates and announcements on future Q&A sessions.

Locked Accounts

A user’s account may be locked if it has been compromised. If you have given out your username and password to an unknown party, it can be used for email spamming.  Email spamming from the university could lead to us being blacklisted on spamblock-servers.  This, in turn, means that legitimate email from the university to sites that have us blacklisted won’t go through.  This can be anyone from Yahoo

Recent Phishing Attempt

Below is an example of a recent phishing attempt.  The email did not come from a UTC email account and the address that they are wanting you to send your username and password information to is not a UTC email account.  But neither of these facts are as important as remembering that the UTC IT Helpdesk will never ask you for username and password information via email. ======================================================== From: