Monthly Archives: November 2009

Be Careful In Facebook

IT is working on A LOT of infected machines that picked up their badness from Facebook.  At this point, if we see less than 3 a week, I would be shocked.  Now, in addition to malware and spyware coming from the site, Facebook is gaining attention as a haven for scammers.  Give the article below a read for additional information:

Phishing Attempt

Email that is being sent with the “Subject: Dear  Webmail User” is a phishing attempt to get your username and password.  Do NOT respond to the email.  UTC ITD never sends emails asking for your UTCID and password. Here is an example of the email: —–Original Message—– From: ADMIN [] Sent: Saturday, October 31, 2009 7:53 PM Subject: Dear Webmail User Dear Webmail User, This message was sent automatically