From Jeff Kell (ITD-Security and Network Engineering):

March 9, The Register – (International)

It’s official:  Adobe Reader is world’s most exploited app. Adobe’s ubiquitous Reader application has replaced Microsoft Word as the program that’s most often targeted in malware campaigns, according to figures compiled by F-Secure.

Files based on Reader were exploited in almost 49 percent of the targeted attacks of 2009, compared with about 39 percent that took aim at Microsoft Word. By comparison, in 2008, Acrobat was targeted in almost 29 percent of attacks and Word was exploited by almost 35 percent. Underscoring the surge of Reader attacks, online miscreants recently unleashed a new malware campaign that exploits vulnerabilities patched three weeks ago in the widely-used program. The attacks target financial institutions with a PDF file with a name that refers to the so-called Group of 20 most influential economic powers. When victims click on the file with unpatched versions of Reader, the file installs a backdoor that causes their system to connect to a server at


Patch your readers!!  Launch the reader…  Help… Check for Updates.