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Mocs Mail+

This is the new email system for Students provided by The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga On Monday August 2, 2010 Your new email will be active.  This will be your primary email system on campus. Your current email address, will be forwarded to your accounts. If you currently have a forward set on your account, it will be overwritten. What is my email address? Your

New student email is coming

Student email All UTC student email accounts are switching to Google email accounts. This change will give students access to more email storage and email accounts that they can keep forever. For answers to questions about the new student email visit the MocsMail + FAQ

One more Phishing attempt Account Alert sent Monday at 6:56 PM The only response required is the DELETE key

Message from Monty Wilson regarding the latest phishing email: Disregard the “Account Alert” that was sent Monday afternoon at 6:56PM . Just reading this “ message” you will be able to see some errors that can help you determine if email smells like a dead fish, it has a very high probability of being a dead fish and should be deleted. If anyone is interested in looking some of