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This is the new email system for Students provided by The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

On Monday August 2, 2010

Your new email will be active.  This will be your primary email system on campus.
Your current email address @utc.edu, will be forwarded to your @mocs.utc.edu accounts.
If you currently have a forward set on your @utc.edu account, it will be overwritten.

What is my email address?

Your new email address is utcid@mocs.utc.edu
You have a friendly email alias of first-last@mocs.utc.edu (same as your current format, left of@ today)
If you current email address is john-doe@utc.edu – new alias is john-doe@mocs.utc.edu
If you current email address is jane-a-doe@utc.edu – new alias is jane-a-doe@mocs.utc.edu

Current Emails

You have options to choose from (you will receive a detailed email)

  1. Google Email Uploader (works with Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird)
  2. POP access via Mocs Mail+ account
  3. Manual process of sending emails you want to @mocs.utc.edu
  4. Do not move/copy email
  5. Server Side migration, you must supply a password to a program in person that will copy your email and folders for you. (no data will be viewed, transfer process only)

How do I access?

You will access Mocs Mail+ by signing in to MyMocsnet and clicking on Mocs Mail+ upper right

More Info

Please email any questions or concerns to info@mocs.utc.edu.
ITD Help Desk (423) 425-4000