Mocs Mail+ is the new student email system for UTC students.  Mocs Mail+ is powered by Google and therefore provides many of the benefits of the Google Apps system including 7GB of email storage, enhanced spam protection, and much more!

You Access Mocs Mail+ by logging in to your MyMocsnet portal and clicking on the Mocs Mail+ icon (upper right)

You have a new email address based on your UTCid and it will appear as  However, you will still be able to use a name friendly email version of

** Starting Sunday Aug 1st at 4pm the transition will start **

Email messages sent to your old Netmail address will be forwarded to your new Mocs Mail+ address for a period of several months.  This will give you time to update your email address with friends and services. If you currently have a forward applied on your Netmail account this will be overwritten, you can reset the forward on your Mocs Mail+ account if you choose.

For more information about Mocs Mail + email or call the Help Desk at 423 425 4000