Two more services are moving to the Mocs Mail+ system.

MyFiles & Personal Websites hosted by UTC

If you are using the Personal Website service that has been provided, please move or recreate your website in Google Sites.

MyFiles has been the storage location for data files, accessed by logging into MyMocsNet and clicking on MyFiles.  Please move or copy any documents you have stored in MyFiles to Google Documents.

Uploading files to Google Documents

Login to your My Mocs Net account and select Mocs Mail +.  In your Mocs Mail tool bar select Documents. When the new tab or window opens select Create New and a drop box will appear. Select Folder and type in the name of your folder (you can also add a description of the folder if needed).  After you have created your folder, select Upload. Here, you can upload multiple files within the 1 GB limit.  If preferable, you can choose to convert your uploaded files to Google Docs format.  Below the file converter, there is a Destination Folder button which allows you to upload your files to any folder you have created.  Next, select the Privacy button that lets you decide the level of publicity you want your files to have.  Finally, select Start Upload and your files will be uploaded to their specified folder.

** MyFiles access and UTC hosted personal websites will be removed 1st quarter 2011. **

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