The Information Technology Division is  pleased to announce continued progress in our transition from Novell to Microsoft services for all users:

PHASE ONE, Implementation of Active Directory & File Storage technology.   We have nearly completed the deployment of this foundation technology required to support the next two phases of Exchange 2010 and SharePoint 2010 in our migration  effort.  To date the AD Migration team has migrated nearly 1100  PCs and Macs into the UTC/UT Active Directory domain.  The remaining departments have deferred their migration into AD until the first quarter of 2011.   ITD will continue to work with each department and support IT staff  as needed to complete the process after the first of the year.

PHASE TWO, Exchange 2010 Email for all faculty and staff. Microsoft Exchange 2010 will replace both email systems currently being used on our campus (Novell Netmail & Microsoft Exchange 2003).  Exchange 2010 has been in production with approximately 50 early adopters since early November, and we will continue to expand the user community during the remainder of this year and throughout the first quarter of 2011.  We will be migrating users to Exchange 2010 on a department by department basis to ensure that all mail is migrated successfully and users can continue to work using the new system.  This phase builds on the successful transition of student email from Netmail to MocsMail+ using Google Apps that was completed earlier this year. The Netmail system is scheduled to be retired this fiscal year.

PHASE THREE, SharePoint 2010. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 will introduce our departments to a new way of working collaboratively.  SharePoint will allow Faculty and staff to manage departmental document libraries; perform fast searches, store and access shared documents with versioning control if desired; manage calendars, tasks and projects; and have team discussions (departmental blog).   SharePoint  has also been in  production status since early November,  with early department adopters. We will continue to expand the user community throughout this year and into mid-2011 as demand warrants.  Deploying SharePoint will take more time because we will be working with each department to determine specific SharePoint site requirements, and train department staff and designated “site administrators.”

Beginning January ITD will be providing weekly  Information Technology seminars to include the expanded use of Microsoft technologies to provide project updates, best practices, and answer user community questions.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to all of  the UTC Academic and Administrative departments who have contributed to the success of this migration effort by allowing us to interrupt their work routine, by cooperating with the ITD staff, and by maintaining a positive attitude during this process.  I want to especially thank the ITD Help Desk, Networking, Systems Operations, and Infrastructure  teams who have been working closely to make this technology transition a complete success to date.  In addition, a special thanks to the IT support staffs,  for Engineering and Computer Science,  Business, Library and ARCS  for their ongoing efforts to support the agreed schedule for their customers.

Monty Wilson

Assistant Vice Chancellor and CIO