Let’s prepare your computer for campus. If you are staying in the dorms or using the wireless network you must follow these steps to get on the network.

1.  Run Windows or Mac updates

To run Windows updates click on the Windows button go to Programs and Windows Updates
To run Mac updates go to the Apple menu and select Software Update

2.  Make sure to have an anti-virus on your Windows computer
For a list of supported software go to http://netaccess.utc.edu/supportedantivirus.html

3. Check to see if your computer is ready for campus at http://prereg.utc.edu
Note: you will still need to register your computer when you come to campus.

If you do these three steps before coming to campus you will be able to get online.

Remember Microsoft puts out Windows updates the second Tuesday of every month.

If you have problems getting your computer on our network bring it to our clinic in the UC Computer Lab. We are located in 124 University Center – the back lab. You do not need an appointment.

Our hours:

Wed – Thurs. Aug 17-18 8am-8pm
Fri Aug 19 8am-3pm
Sat Aug 20 10am-7pm
Sun Aug 21 10am-7pm

Mon -Thurs. Aug 22-25 8am-8pm
Fri Aug 26 8am-3pm
Sat Aug 27 10am-7pm
Sun Aug 28 10am-7pm

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