If you receive this email delete it.  It is not from ITD.  If you are unsure call the help desk at 425-4000.

Note the From and To addresses. They are not UTC addresses.

From: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga [mailto:bstm386@dishmail.net]
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 10:57 AM
To: bstm386@dishmail.net
Subject: Important Notice!!!

—-University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Support Team—-

Dear UTC Exchange Webmail User,

Your UTC Exchange Webmail Account will be deactivated if you
do not verify that your UTC Exchange Webmail Account is still
in use. Due to excess abandoned UTC Exchange Webmail Account
in our database. Failure to provide your UTC Exchange Webmail
Account UTC ID and Password will render your account
De-activated from our database. – We will not deactivate your account. We do not need you to validate your email or that you are using it.

To Verify, provide your UTC Exchange Webmail Account UTC ID and Password,
UTC ID:(….@utc.edu) Password:(…..) Future Password:(…..)  – We will never ask you to send your ID or Password in an email.

You are to comply with this directive or we shall De-activate your
UTC Exchange Webmail account from our database.

Thank you for using UTC Exchange Webmail Services.

Management. – We will never sign an email as Management

—-Copyright 2011 The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. All rights reserved.—