Information Technology Division (ITD) – Scheduled Maintenance Downtime Notification
Scope of impact of change:
Security patches on the following systems:

1. Production SharePoint Servers
• Production Systems should remain up during the updates, but a brief outage is possible as these patches are applied.
2. Spam/Anti-Virus Systems being updated (M+ Guardian)
• Services Impacted: Mail flow from off campus/
• Service is redundant, we do not expect any interruption of mail flow.
• A new license will be installed
• Connection Level Allow List entries have been put in place and require the Mplus service to be restarted on each of the three boxes for the new entries to take effect.

Timing of change:
• Friday, September 9, 2011, 5:30pm –9:30pm.

Description of change:
• Patch all the above systems and ensure that all servers have the latest security patches. The updates to these servers will be made in a way that will avoid any downtime.
Reason for change/Goal:
• Routine patching & update to the license on Mplus Servers

• For any urgent issues and technical difficulties, please contact Michael Dinkins at 425-4507 or 4551 during the regular work week.