Monthly Archives: November 2011

New Worm on Facebook

Please be very mindful of any “links” you receive from “friends” on Facebook.  Otherwise you could be next in receiving a virus!   Recent report ( A new worm has popped up on Facebook, using apparently stolen user credentials to log in to victims’ accounts and then send out malicious links to their friends. The worm also downloads and installs a variety of malware on users’ machines, including a

Firefox 8 and Outlook Web Access

There appears to be an incompatibility issue with Firefox 8 and the Exchange 2010 Outlook Web Application. When attempting to Save or Open attachments in emails viewed through Outlook Web in Firefox 8, the attachments attempt to Save or Open as a file called attachment.ashx.  The attachment is not broken, and you can “Save As” and rename the file and file extension to the correct name and it will