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Is Google Pushing Security Too Hard?

Google has shortened the disclosure timeline to 7 days for security vulnerabilities it finds.  That is, when Google finds a bug in its or other vendor’s software it will only allow the vendor 7 days (after notifying the vendor) to fix the problem before it discloses it to the public.  That is down from 60 Link

We Must Be Guardians of Data.

As stewards of information, all employees of UT Chattanooga must be aware it is part of our job to protect these data.  This means, but is not limited to: Practicing Skeptical Computing (Don’t trust, Verify) Protecting Your PC (Patching, Firewall, Antivirus) Archiving with Encryption (Protect it, but Trash it if you don’t need it)   This article details how a university was fined $400k when a firewall was inactive

UTC IT – What’s in it for me?

      The University has been working hard to improve IT service levels for faculty, staff, and students this year.  On June 3rd, a new Identity and Access Management (IAM) system will automate many routine administrative tasks to grant access to key UTC systems much faster than ever before. While many of these enhancements will affect what happens behind the scenes, there will be some new functions that

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How crackers ransack passwords like “qeadzcwrsfxv1331”

A  team from Ars Technica show how easy it is to crack passwords.

Datacenter Gets New SAN

This week the Datacenter group got our new SAN.  This will be our biggest project of the year and we’re all very excited about it. A SAN (Storage Area Network) can be thought of as a gigantic external hard drive, but rather than holding files and folders with our spreadsheets and documents, it holds the software images of the servers that everyone uses all over campus.  These software images

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Cyber Security Newsletter #1

If you are thinking “I’m too insignificant” or “I’m flying under the proverbial radar” to be targeted in this wide, wild world of the Internet…think again.   Your information is far more valuable than you believe. Please read this first installment of a series of Cyber Security Newsletters to be released periodically:  Module One – You Are The Target Also, if you are a UT Chattanooga employee you can view

Identity and Access Management

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is finishing up the first phase of our Identity and Access Management (IAM) implementation. Over the last 8 months, UTC Information Technology and partners from across the campus have been working hard to improve the current processes for managing accounts for users across all of the applications we use. As the University grows and adopts new technologies for learning, managing access to sensitive

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Next Tuesday brings 22 Microsoft Patches and 2 from Adobe

The next set of patches for Microsoft products will bring two that are “critical” and eight that are “important”.  The first critical patch is for all versions of Internet Explorer running on any version of Windows.  The second critical patches a flaw in IE 8 that allows an attacker full control.   The full Microsoft bulletin can be found here.  Adobe is releasing patches for Reader and Acrobat, details

UTC Online Access Update

The single sign-on functionality between MyMocsNet and UTC Online has been restored.  We apologize for any inconvenience experienced. UTC Online may be accessed by using one of the following methods: -Login to MyMocsNet and click on the UTC Online link in the top right corner of the page. -Click on the UTC Online Menu from the right side of the UTC homepage, and then click on the “Login” button.

UTC Online Update

The upgrade for UTC Online (Blackboard) has been completed. Information regarding new features can be found at: However, we are currently experiencing issues with the single sign-on functionality between MyMocsNet and UTC Online.  However, the system is available.  To access UTC Online please go to the following link, and login in with your UTCID and password. When the single sign-on functionality has been restored an announcement will