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Firefox 22 Released

Mozilla has released Firefox 22 that fixes 14 vulnerabilities. You can download it from Slug.

Oracle Releases Critical Patch for Java

“Oracle recommends that this Critical Patch Update be applied as soon as possible because it includes fixes for a number of severe vulnerabilities.  Note that the vulnerabilities fixed in this Critical Patch Update affect various components and, as a result, may not affect the security posture of all Java users in the same way.”    

Michael Dinkins to assume the role of Senior Information Security Officer (SISO)

  From a recent email from Tom Hoover, CIO. “Michael Dinkins, formerly the Director of Systems & Operations,  to assume the role of Senior Information Security Officer (SISO). Mr. Dinkins is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and has over 15 years of progressive technical and management experience in the security industry.  As “SISO” Michael will be responsible for UTC’s Information Security Program compliance, and the implementation of industry accepted

New Password Self-Service Site Now Available

I am just reposting parts of an email from our CIO, Tom Hoover. “This service will replace our current change and forgot password process. So the next time you have to change your password you will use IAM.” You will setup some security questions allowing you to reset your password in case you forget it.

Hacking Your Mind

CYBER SECURITY NEWSLETTER #2 – SOCIAL ENGINEERING.  Cyber criminals know you were taught from the time you were a toddler to be trusting and kind to everyone.  They also know that the easiest way to take control of your computer is to take advantage of your propensity to help those who need it.  Social Engineering is not a technical attack on your computer or exploiting its vulnerability; it is

Web Site Redesign – project news

IT Web Services Team is engaged in redesigning the University web site and implementing an easy to use web contents management system. Web Services projects including a total UTC web site redesign by University Relations and an easy to use web content management solution (using Omniupdate) are on target for Go Live in late summer 2013. This will include a fresh, accessible, and mobile ready University public web site,

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Banner Unavailable June 15-16 2013

Please plan for Banner (INB and Self-Service) and MAPS Argos (reporting and data files) to be unavailable all day Saturday June 15 and Sunday June 16 so that the software can be upgraded. This upgrade is being performed after testing by campus offices that utilize Banner and as approved by the Banner team.   MyMocsNet, MyMocsDegree, UTC Online,, and other services will continue to operate normally with the

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Malware is Everywhere

“is described as a ‘multi function Trojan.’ Like most profit-oriented mobile malware, Obad is primarily an SMS Trojan, which surreptitiously sends short message service (SMS) messages to premium numbers. However, it is capable of downloading additional modules and of spreading via Bluetooth connections.” Android Malware “Obad” Called Most Sophisticated Yet

Almost Everything About Data Breaches

In the recent past, one of the stumbling blocks in collecting statistics about data breaches was the unwillingness of breached entities to share information.  As you can image, this could be embarrassing for the group that was breached and could be thought to lead to additional dangers, not to mention a slew of legal hoops, etc.  For the past 5 or 6 years Verizon has helped a great deal

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Apple Releases 10.8.4 Update

Apple has released 10.8.4 for mountain lion.  You can download it Link