Monthly Archives: August 2013

Apple Announces a Trade-in Program For Third-Party Chargers

you can trade in your third-party adapter and purchase an official Apple charger at a ‘special price’ — $10 USD

What has been learned from BlackHat 2013

“Your car is just a rolling PC waiting to be hacked.”

Firefox 23

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox, all users should upgrade.

AARP website hacked

“AARP is notifying members that the website has been hacked. Now would be a good time to change your passwords” Infoworld  

Android “Find my phone” App

“The Android version of Apple’s Find My iPhone, Google’s Device Manager is intended to help users find a missing or stolen device.”  PCMag

Don’t Plug Your Phone into a Charger You Don’t Own

“We reported in June that Georgia Tech researchers had created a charging station that could pwn any iOS device. ”  PCMag

New UTC Website live

Checkout UTC website at