As many know, Apple released iOS 7 today at 1pm eastern. Due to the popularity of Apple devices, many organizations saw an enormous spike in internet traffic. UTC was no exception.

At UTC users are required to register their devices before being able to access the internet on campus. This gives us the ability to see exactly what types of devices are being used by students, faculty, and staff. As of 11am eastern this morning there were 5,622 iPhones, 2,077 iPads, and 431 iPods registered. At 1pm, many of these devices started downloading the new operating system simultaneously. The effect of this activity can be seen in the chart below.

This chart tracks the utilization of all 4 of UTC’s internet connections. The bulk of the downloads came from EPB, our Chattanooga local ISP. Our connection to EPB is at 1Gbps. On a normal day, we usually hover around 300Mbps (30%) during the peak of the day for that one connection alone. However, when iOS 7 was released we spiked that connection up to around 950Mbps (95%). This makes today by far the largest internet traffic day in UTC’s history.

Internet traffic - 9/18/13

Internet traffic – 9/18/13

This wouldn’t have been possible if it were not for some much needed upgrades that were made in the recent past. Just last year we would not have been able to reach this kind of speed. Many other universities were having to throttle download speeds just to keep their network from collapsing. However, we were able to let it run untouched and most likely no one even noticed.