Monthly Archives: September 2013

iOS7 Available

Apple customers will today be able to download the company’s new operating system in what is being billed as a major step forward for iPhones and iPads. Telegraph

New Internet Explorer (8,9) “Zero Day” Exploit

“Microsoft has released an emergency workaround for users of Internet Explorer, to protect against a “limited number” of targeted attacks being specifically directed at IE 8 and IE 9 – but which could potentially affect all versions of the web browser.”  Users of IE 8/9 should use the Microsoft Fix It.     Cluley

Firefox 24 Released

” Improvements include a new option to mass close tabs ‘to the right,’ as well as WebRTC support and NFC sharing on Android. Firefox 24 has now been released over on and all existing users should be able to upgrade to it automatically.” Slashdot

Mac Updates: OS 10.8.5 and Mac Office 2011 Patch

Mac users should update soon. Mac Office OS X 10.8.5

Patch Tuesday:Microsoft and Adobe

Tuesday was the day for updates for Microsoft and Adobe products.  Make sure to update your apps and OS. Adobe Microsoft

The NSA Hasn’t ‘Cracked’ Basic Internet Encryption

  “Cracking” conveys that they have found a way to break down encryption codes, prime among them being RSA,  the cracking of which would lead to the catastrophic collapse of trust in internet communications and transactions. Link

What the story of AdBlock Plus tells us: The online economy is broken, and won’t be easy to fix

But as ads steadily become even more annoying, users click even less, forcing revenues down even further. “This is creating a vicious circle, which will at some point lead to the whole system collapsing,” says Faida.   Salon

Online Attack Leads to Peek Into Spam Den

“His pleasant existence, living in obscurity, changed this summer when a court in Moscow linked Mr. Artimovich and three others with one of the world’s most prolific spambots, or illegal networks of virus-infected computers that send spam.”   Link