Monthly Archives: November 2013

CryptoLocker gang teams with botnet-builders on ransomware

“The gang itself is paying criminal botnet owners operating vast command-and-control systems of compromised computers to distribute CryptoLocker as a dangerous attachment in spam”  Link

EFF grades major companies encryption efforts

Includes a chart for easy reference.

Stolen Identities Price Cuts

“ID theft and bank account credentials are getting cheaper because there is just so much inventory (a.k.a. stolen personal information) out there”   Link   How to avoid Identity Theft.

Google settles Safari cookie case for $17 million

Google will fork out $17 million to settle allegations by 37 states and the District of Colombia that it secretly tracked Apple users by placing special digital files on the Safari web browser. Link

Google Makes Latest Chrome Build Open PDFs By Default

“bypassing any third-party programs such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader”  Link

Google warns of ‘splinternet’ but NSA does not budge

“If countries proceed with data localization and similar efforts, the Internet will be broken up into a “splinternet” of smaller national and regional pieces, with barriers around each of the splintered Internets, he added.” Link

How Long Can You Reasonably Expect Your Hard Drive To Last?

Drives don’t last forever.

November Patch Tuesday

Time to update your Microsoft products, Google Chrome, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Reader.  

PIN Skimming: Turn your back when you enter your PIN.

“The researchers’ software runs on the mobile device and when a user types in her PIN code, the software records keystroke sounds through the microphone and uses the camera to judge the phone’s orientation and watch the user’s face while she’s typing. ” Link

Mail Update for Mavericks

This update improves stability and compatibility with Gmail, and includes fixes for users with custom Gmail settings. Available via the link or Software Update.