Yearly Archives: 2014

Windows 10 will ship with IE 11, but the default browser will be Spartan

A new, leaner, faster Microsoft browser will be the default for the next Windows.  It will still be based on Microsoft javascript and browsing engines.

Tablets Dead? Phablets the new Thing?

It seems that tablets are on the way out being replaced by large phones.

CCC says it can recreate fingerprints from pictures

Using VeriFinger commercial software.

Google cars on the road next month

No drivers or steering wheels…

South Korea nuclear plants under cyber attack

CEO says all is well.

Just Because: Quake on an oscilloscope

Not very high resolution.

Facebook has indexed 1 trillion posts

Combined with the data about those who generated the posts gives Facebook an unprecedented vault of data.

Who is the Lizard Squad

Brian Krebs has a concise set of facts about the hacker group.

Facebook “Year in Review” causes pain

The automated “Year in Review” had some people reliving terrible moments in their year. ¬†Facebook says sorry.

Google, Apple, others adding “Do Not Track” exemption for themselves

Do Not Track is dying or at least being subverted by the Big Guys.