Monthly Archives: January 2014

ChewBacca, Tor-enabled PoS malware

Payment card data was stolen during the past three months from several dozen retailers that had their point-of-sale systems infected with a memory-scraping malware program called ChewBacca.

Facebook’s Paper iOS app

Facebook wants to be the newspaper for your life: the place where you go to find out if your friends are getting married or having babies or graduating from college, the place you go to read viral news stories.

LibreOffice 4.2

“LibreOffice 4.2 offers two Windows-specific improvements for business users: a simplified custom install dialog to avoid potential mistakes, and the ability to centrally manage and lock-down the configuration with Group Policy Objects via Active Directory,”

Microsoft Security Essentials most popular Anti Virus

OPSWAT claims that 16.3 percent of users are now running Security Essentials on their Windows computers, while avast! Free Antivirus comes second with 13.2 percent.

How I lost my $50,000 Twitter username

“Most websites use email as a method of verification. If your email account is compromised, an attacker can easily reset your password on many other websites. By taking control of my domain name at GoDaddy, my attacker was able to control my email.”

Multiplatform Java Malware

Exploits Java on Mac, Windows, or Linux to install DDOS Java malware.

Microsoft: Let customers decide country where cloud data is stored

NSA snooping prompts a change in Microsoft’s cloud storage policy as a way to avoid local laws that might compromise data privacy

Google’s $2.7m Pwnium hackathon

This March, hackers can win some serious cash and have a go at hacking both ARM and Intel Chromebooks.

Engineer nets Facebook’s biggest bug bounty

Reginaldo Silva was awarded $33,500, but had quietly hoped for more.  

Critical iTunes Update

Apple has released an update to iTunes, all users should upgrade.