Christopher Howard, UTC Network Engineer, wins the Grand Prize for Intermapper’s Ultimate Probes Challenge.


“The contest was to write a probe for InterMapper.  InterMapper is what
we use to monitor all of our switches/routers/wireless access points/etc
on the network.  It can’t monitor every device under the sun out of the
box, but it does include the ability to import probes.  The probes are
just plugins that add support for other devices.  I wrote one to monitor
the number of users connected to our wireless controllers.  The images
show the data that we can get from InterMapper after the probe was
imported into the software.”



“We needed a way to watch the number of users connected to our wireless. Usually a large drop in the number of wireless users indicates a problem. This probe allows us to chart the number of users and visually see if everything is ok or if there is an issue to investigate.”

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