Monthly Archives: June 2014

Microsoft nukes No-IP dynamic DNS to fight malware

The dynamic DNS service No-IP has been used by malware authors to spread infections.  Microsoft took control of the entire domain.

Google to become Domain Registrar

It appears that Google will provide DNS domains, invite only so far.

New “Vacuum Transistors” break TeraHertz barrier.

“But there’s a chance that vacuum tube technology could make its way back into computers—albeit without the vacuum—thanks to NASA research that has put together nanoscale “vacuum channel” transistors that can switch at more than 400GHz.”

Credit Card information stolen at some Car Washes

Krebs reveals how some credit cards numbers  used at car washes have been stolen.

Microsoft’s Interflow, Information Exchange for Security Professionals

Currently in a private preview, the exchange will allow the exchange of information between security pros.

Surface Pro 3, hard to repair

iFixit says it’s hard to fix.

Heartbleed: 51% of sampled servers still vulnerable

Two months later and many sysadmins still haven’t patched the bug.

The dangers of connecting to “free WiFi” from AT&T and Xfinity

The bad guys can setup fake access points to steal your credentials.

OneDrive free storage increased to 15G

Microsoft has increased the amount of free storage for users to 15G.  You can also get 100G for $2 per month.

Facebook giving advertisers details of user’s surfing history

“The social network gathers such data by placing lines of code on users’ computers, collecting information on the websites they visit. Facebook also gathers information on which mobile apps its users have downloaded. Until now, the company has said it keeps the data only for security reasons.”