As you have probably all noticed that over the past several months we have seen an increase in the amount of SPAM in our inboxes. Some of this increase can be attributed to links that people at UTC have clicked on in SPAM emails. It is important for everyone to remember that everyone plays a big role in helping to keep our network safe.
It is also important to remember that your computing devices are state owned property. When using UT owned devices or resources all employees are required to follow UT System Acceptable Use Policies.


For example, you should not use your UT provided device to:
· Download pirated software or other copyrighted content.
· Disrupt services or systems connected to the Internet.
· Run a personal business related operations.
· View pornographic or illegal sites (such as gambling, etc).
· Play video games.
Automated network security devices log such activities and notify the IT security team. Repeat offenders and their supervisors will be notified of any identified unauthorized activity that increases the risk of a security incident involving UTC resources.
In short, use university-provided resources to perform university work. If it doesn’t relate to your job, don’t use UTC-provided resources to do it. We all play a role in securing and keeping our network safe.
Thomas Hoover
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer