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Wireless is working again

Our wireless network is back up.

Wireless Outage

We are currently experiencing an outage with our wireless network. We are working to resolve this problem. To receive an email notification when it it fixed please visit and subscribe to the Global Issue.

Critical Update for Adobe Flash

They have issued an “out of cycle” patch for this vulnerability. You need to have Adobe Flash Player (Windows/Mac).  There is also a patch for Android and Linux. Google Chrome users do not have to get the patch, it will be installed automatically.

Information Technology Division (ITD) – Scheduled Maintenance Downtime Notification

Scope of impact of change: 1.   Network Outage Frist Hall a.       Network access will be unavailable for approximately 30 minutes to an hour in Frist Hall. 2.      Microsoft Security Updates & Patches to be applied to many systems. a.       Access to the following services will be impacted during this outage: i.      UC Foundation System ii.      Residential Management System iii.      Event Management System iv.      SMTP Server (Outgoing mail) and Listserve

Microsoft Update Released

Microsoft has released an “out of band” patch to fix the fraudulent digital certificates issued by DigiNotar.  The patch requires a restart. Please update your computers. Microsoft Security Advisory: Fraudulent digital certificates could allow spoofing

Another phishing attempt

If you receive this email delete it.  It is not from ITD.  If you are unsure call the help desk at 425-4000. Note the From and To addresses. They are not UTC addresses. From: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga [] Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 10:57 AM To: Subject: Important Notice!!! —-University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Support Team—- Dear UTC Exchange Webmail User, Your UTC Exchange Webmail Account

Phishing attempt

There is an email being sent from Bates, Beverly with the subject Validate Your Mailbox. Please note her email her email address “Bates, Beverly” <> This is not a UTC email address. Email Message: Attention Subscriber; Your Mailbox quota has exceeded the storage limit set by your System Administrator which is 1GB. You are currently running on 2.7GB. You may not be able to send or receive new mail


iPads have become very popular on the campus. To get your iPad connected you will need to have a copy of iTunes installed. You can download iTunes from Apple’s website. To connect your iPad to the network, open Safari and when prompted to register select “Register mobile device.” The help desk will assist you in registering your iPad on the network and setting up your UTC e-mail.

Bringing a computer to campus? Let’s get it ready!

Let’s prepare your computer for campus. If you are staying in the dorms or using the wireless network you must follow these steps to get on the network. 1.  Run Windows or Mac updates To run Windows updates click on the Windows button go to Programs and Windows Updates To run Mac updates go to the Apple menu and select Software Update 2.  Make sure to have an anti-virus

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft has updated it’s free antivirus product. If you use MSE, you should upgrade.  This product should only be used on personally owned computers. This is a recommended antivirus for students. Download it: