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Game console NAT type – update

Back in November in response to a lot of students asking about it, I wrote about the different game console NAT types to explain why users were dealing with moderate and strict NATs and what UTC could do to fix it.  Today I’m writing to let everyone know that if you connect to the “UTC” wireless network anywhere on campus or any of the wired ports in any of

Game Console NAT Types

In response to a question that gets raised from time to time, the following attempts to explain why gaming consoles sometimes have trouble playing online games.  The issue really stems from the use of NAT on the University network. Possible NAT types seen on consoles Nintendo Open, Moderate, Strict Info on Nintendo NAT types Xbox: Open, Moderate, Strict Info on Xbox NAT types Play Station: Open (type 1), Moderate

Connectivity issues with Destiny game at UTC

On rare occasion we get complaints about certain video games that are unplayable on the campus network, both when using ethernet or wifi.  Typically the problem manifests itself as lost connections or being completely unable to connect.  Most of the time these are issues with the game itself.  This post will explain what is happening and why. Typically the first concern is about there not being enough available bandwidth. 

UTC network supports highest ever student, faculty, and staff demand for internet bandwidth

As many know, Apple released iOS 7 today at 1pm eastern. Due to the popularity of Apple devices, many organizations saw an enormous spike in internet traffic. UTC was no exception. At UTC users are required to register their devices before being able to access the internet on campus. This gives us the ability to see exactly what types of devices are being used by students, faculty, and staff.