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Pwn2Own 2018 In Progress

The 2018 competition to “own” applications and operating systems via exploits is underway.

US Sanctions Russia over NotPetya Malware

One of the most destructive malware attacks against US targets.

Flaws Found in AMD CPUs

CTS research has found a series of flaws in modern AMD chips, but that research is being called into question.

How not to run a Certificate Authority…

Our entire ecommerce system is built on trust of CAs….

Windows Update to Deliver Intel Spectre Patches

Microsoft and Intel have agreed to use Windows Update to push Intel microcode updates to Windows PCs.  Windows 10 with Skylake chipset at first, but to include more eventually.

Ad Networks and Cryptomining

Cryptomining javascript is being served from ad networks even with ad blockers installed.

Apple Releases Patches for macOS, iOS, and watchOS.

To fix an app crashing bug.

Google Chrome Starts Blocking Ads

Google’s browser will start blocking intrusive ads starting 2/15.

Microsoft and Adobe February 2018 Patch Tuesday

Microsoft and Adobe have released patches for their products.  Update ASAP.

Chrome Blocking Some Ads Starting Feb 15th.

The next version of Google’s browser will begin blocking “non compliant” ads.