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Microsoft July Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released patches for its software products.  Update when you can.

Apple Patches Everything

Apple has released updates for almost all of its softwares.  Update when you can.

Critical Vulnerabilities in Axis Cameras

If you have Axis cameras, please update the firmware.  Vulnerabilities exist in over 390 models.

MyHeritage DNA Testing Company Hacked

Email addresses and password hashes from MyHeritage were found in the wild, all users should change their password.  No other information is believed to be compromised.

More CPU Side Channel Vulnerabilities aka Meltdown Spectre Variants

Intel (along with Microsoft and US-CERT) has released details on more vulnerabilities in their CPUs.  Patches to be released via regular channels (Patch Tuesday).

Chrome Loses Green Secure Site Indicator in September

Google is removing the green secure icon in the url bar in favor of a red insecure icon for all non https connections.

“EFAIL” Vulnerability in PGP,S/MIME Allows Decryption of Protected Email

OpenPGP and S/MIME can no longer be considered secure for encrypting emails.  The vulnerability exploits HTML functionality within modern email clients to allow decryption. 

Microsoft Patch Tuesday April 2018

Microsoft has released patches for 67 flaws, upgrade soon.  Adobe has also patched Flash.

Change Your Twitter Password Now…

A flaw in a script caused passwords to be written in plain text for some users.  Twitter wants you to change your password.

Spectre NG – Even More Dangerous

Eight new flaws  in Intel (possibly AMD) CPUs with the worst allowing easy escalation from a virtual machine to the hosting environment.