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Critical Flaw in Drupal 7 and 8, Update Now

A flaw could allow remote execution of user provided PHP code.  No technical details yet about CVE-2019-6340 but a patch has been released.  

Apple Releases Fix for Facetime Group Bug

Apple has released an update to iOS that fixes the Facetime Group bug.

Critical Adobe Acrobat/Reader Patches

Adobe has released emergencies patches for Reader and Acrobat for Windows and MacOS.

Critical Flaw Found in Kubernetes

The first major flaw can lead to full compromised via unauthenticated (no username or password required) network connection.  No easy way to detect.  If you use Kubernetes for your containerized (yes, that’s a word) application deployment, you need to patch.

Microsoft Replacing Edge with Chromium Based Browser

Edge has compatibility problems, even with Microsoft’s own services.  Windows 10 does need a better browser.  

Marriott Hack Potentially Affects 500 Million Guests

If you’ve stayed in a Marriott (or their subsidiaries like Sheraton) since 2014, you might want to sign up for their free webwatcher service.  Your information, including credit card and passport, could have been leaked.

November Patch Tuesday

Microsoft and other vendors have released patches for their products.  Microsoft’s release contains 63 flaw fixes and 12 critical fixes.

A Closer Look at the A12X Bionic Chip

Ars has a review of the main CPU in the new Ipad Pro.

Linux Could Be Pwned Via DHCPv6 Packet

A flaw in systemd could allow full compromise of a vulnerable Linux system, and an update has been released.

Microsoft Sandboxes Windows Defender

Windows built in anti malware solution will now run in a sandbox (a “virtualized” environment) to help prevent malware from exploiting it.