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November Patch Tuesday

Microsoft and Adobe have released patches for their software.  Make sure your PCs are up to date.

New Quantum Version of Firefox

Firefox 57 has the new “Quantum” rendering engine and many other improvements.

FaceBook Wants Your Nudes

Upload your nude photos so they can identify people posting “revenge porn” against you….

Google Says Phishing More Dangerous Than Data Breaches

A report from Google says that phishing does more damage from account compromises than data breaches.

Simple Errors Can Bring Down the Internet

A simple error in routing tables can cause massive outages in the ‘Net.

Apple has released OS X patches for Krack WPA Vulnerability

A software update fixes the WPA2 flaw for High Sierra and El Capitan.

Pwn2Own Contest Has Started.

The annual hacking contest has started and the iPhone 7 was compromised.

Amazon Key:Let Delivery People into Your House.

Amazon’s new “Key” lets deliveries be placed within your home.  The new “Cloud Cam” pairs with a “smart lock” to enable selective entry through your front door.

IoT Reaper:New Internet of Things Malware

A new malware “botnet” is spreading, infecting IoT devices (routers, cameras, etc) by exploiting flaws in software.

Krack WPA2 Vulnerability:Vendor Patch Status

Here is a list of vendors who are working on patches or have released patches for Krack.  Apple and Google are working on it.