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Apple Releases Patches for macOS, iOS, and watchOS.

To fix an app crashing bug.

Google Chrome Starts Blocking Ads

Google’s browser will start blocking intrusive ads starting 2/15.

Microsoft and Adobe February 2018 Patch Tuesday

Microsoft and Adobe have released patches for their products.  Update ASAP.

Chrome Blocking Some Ads Starting Feb 15th.

The next version of Google’s browser will begin blocking “non compliant” ads.

Adobe Flash 0-Day

Adobe plans to release a fix on 2/5/18.

Intel, Microsoft, Redhat, Dell, HP and others pull Spectre V2 protections.

Intel has recommended that all vendors pull the microcode provided to protect vs Spectre.  Software companies have pushed updates that disable the microcode while hardware makers are telling owners to roll back to older versions of BIOS.

“Jackpotting” ATMs in the US

The Secret Service is warning banks about the bad guys using software hacks to force ATMs to dispense cash.

AdBlockers for Your Dashboard

Future cars might display ads on the dashboard via an in-car advertising platform.

Microsoft Requires AntiVirus Vendors To Conform to New Rules or NO UPDATES.

The recent changes made to the Windows kernel by the patches for Meltdown and Spectre can cause Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on a PC using 3rd party Anti Virus software.  AV vendors have to update their software (and set a registry entry) or that PC will no longer receive Windows Updates.

Western Digital My Cloud Hardcoded Credentials

Western Digital’s “My Cloud” network attached storage devices need to be updated to remove hard coded credentials (username and password).