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Critical Flaw in Dell Support Assistant

If you have a Dell computer, you should check to make sure Support Assistant is set to autoupdate.

Chrome Evernote Extension Flaw – Update Now

If you use Evernote’s Chrome extension, you need to upgrade now as it can be used to steal information.  

RowHammer Leads to RamBleed

It appears that the bit flipping attack known as RowHammer can be used to read protected memory.

June Patch Tuesday – Patch Now

Microsoft (and others) have released patches.  Update your systems.

Critical Microsoft Remote Desktop Flaw – BlueKeep

If you have a Windows computer with remote desktop enabled and exposed to the Internet, you should patch now.

RIDL, ZombieLoad, and Fallout…More Attacks vs. Intel CPU Speculative Execution Tech

Technology in Intel chips to make them faster is also making them more vulnerable.  Patches are in the works.

May Patch Tuesday

It’s time to patch your PCs and Macs.

WhatsApp Hacked, Update If You Use It.

Someone hacked into WhatsApp hosting servers so that it was distributed with spyware installed.  The latest update fixes the flaw.

Google’s SensorVault Helping the Police Catch the Bad Guys

When the police ask, Google will provide location/tracking info for specific users with a certain area and time frame.

April 2019 Patch Tuesday

Microsoft and Adobe have released patches for April.   Time to patch.