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Android 8 Security Improvements

Google has hardened Android and improved security in multiple ways for the latest Android OS.


This is bad news for some U-Verse Users.  Weak security from poor programming.

711 Million Email Addresses Found

According to the article, one of the largest spambot caches of email addresses has been found by a hacker.

Zazzle Asking Users to Reset Passwords

If you use Zazzle, you should reset your password.

Android DDoS BotNet Taken Offline

In August a DDoS service, called WireX, based on Android devices was taken down.  Thousands of Android devices were part of the botnet.

Decryption Key for Apple’s Secure Onclave Has Been Posted

Someone has cracked open Apple’s Secure Onclave Processor which handles the fingerprint processing.

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

When you want to run Windows 10 on server grade hardware.

Malware on DNA

Someone has managed to encode “malware” on to a DNA strand.

It’s Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released updates for their softwares.  Update when you can.

Microsoft’s New Bug Bounty

Microsoft will now pay up to $250k for the right kind of bug.