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Western Digital My Cloud Flaws

If you have a WD drive with “My Cloud” you need to patch it or disconnect it from the network.

Critical Flaw in Drupal

Update to the latest if you run it.

Critical Flaw in Apache Struts

If you use Struts 2, you need to patch ASAP.

Apple,Google Protect Against CIA’s Vault 7

Apple and Google say most of the flaws exploited by tools in the Vault 7 collection are already patched.

Ransomware for Dummies

Krebs details how you can get a lifetime license for ransomware.

CloudFlare Suffers “HeartBleed” Like Flaw

CloudFlare’s “edge” server’s memory could be “scraped” for unencrypted, sensitive information like passwords.

SHA-1 Collisions Reliably Created

It’s now possible to have two different files create the same SHA-1 hash.

Microsoft Patches Flash for Windows

Windows 8+ comes with Flash preinstalled and autoupdated by Microsoft.  A patch has been released for an exploit currently being used.  Update ASAP.

Ransomware As A Service

Moving to being a multibillion dollar “industry,”  ransomware continues to evolve.

“Shimmer” Credit Card Chip Readers

The bad guys are now “skimming” chip enabled credit cards with “shimmer” hardware.