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Change Your Twitter Password Now…

A flaw in a script caused passwords to be written in plain text for some users.  Twitter wants you to change your password.

Another Drupal Flaw Being Exploited

The Drupal team released patch (in addition to the critical patch last month) and within 5 hours the flaw was being actively exploited.  If you use Drupal, patch now.

“DoubleKill” Internet Explorer Critical Vulnerability

A Chinese security group, Qihoo 360,  has discovered malware using a 0-day flaw in Internet Explorer’s engine.  This flaw can be exploited in all versions of IE and any applications (Outlook) that renders HTML with IE.  Microsoft hasn’t made any comment yet.  Stop using IE until it’s patched.  Edge is not affected.

Apple Releases Patch for High Sierra

Apple has released a fix for the “root with no password login” vulnerability in OS X High Sierra.  Update as soon as you can.

Apple Software Updates

Apple has released updates for iTunes, iOS, WatchOS, and MacOS.  Make sure to patch your systems soon.

July Patch Tuesday

Microsoft and Adobe have released updates for their products. 

Petya Ransomware Spreading

A new variant of the Petya ransomware is infecting PCs worldwide.   It is demanding $300 in BitCoin but the email address mentioned in the ransom note has been disabled.  It is believe that decryption is impossible even if the ransom is paid. Please be careful, do not click on suspicious links or open suspicious email attachments.

Critical Vulnerability in Samba 3.5.0

Make sure to update your Samba soon if you’re affected.  A simple one line command can lead to code execution.

WanaCryptor Ransomware

Be very careful with attachments, make sure your antivirus is up to date,  patch Windows, and practice skeptical computing.  Doubt everything.  An outbreak of ransomware is happening hitting Russia especially hard.

Critical Windows Defender Vulnerability

Microsoft has released a patch for a critical bug in their antivirus product(s).  All users of Microsoft Security Essentials (Forefront also), known now as Windows Defender, should update immediately.