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Current News 4/16/18

Notify Human Resources: Employee Terminations

By way of reminder, please notify Human Resources when an employee is leaving the University.  This will allow us to disable their account and remove their access to sensitive data.  Once an employee leaves the University, they will no longer need access to UTC applications and systems (even if they do keep their email account).  As part of good information security, it’s critical that only authorized users with a business need have access to sensitive University data and resources.  Please do your part to help make UTC systems safe and secure.

Managing Your Account Simplified!

Beginning in early May, newly admitted students and newly employed faculty and staff will find managing their account a lot easier. These accounts will process within the hour of creation with all accounts and passwords synced across the various UT systems within one business day. Planning has been in the works since late January to solve the time lag in the creation of these accounts. Yancy Freeman and the Enrollment Management team collaborated with representatives from across IT to speed up the on-boarding process.

In parallel, new password reset functionality has also been installed and tested to allow all users (students, employees, and alumni) to reset their own passwords through a simple process. This will speed up password reset time and reduce calls to the Help Desk. IRIS users who need to have passwords reset will still need to go to the UTK password reset site.

More information to follow in May including video and job aids to promote the new process and directions.

Computer Refresh Update

Over the next two weeks we will be completing the validation process of consultations, recommendations, and approvals for the 2018 Computer Refresh Program,  Once completed, the validation process will enable us to place our final computer orders with both Dell and Apple.  As a reminder, the Computer Refresh Program was established to create an annual cycle of computer replacement so that all qualifying faculty and staff would receive a new, primary computing device every four years.  A website for the annual process has been created to provide an explanation of the program, its current status and projected timeline, and any additional information to assist in understanding how the computer refresh works. Please visit the following site for more information:

Campus Network Expansion

Starting in May, IT will expand its fiber optic loop around campus.  This will allow us to have greater capabilities, connectivity, and redundancy of the campus network.  This expansion will also better connect the State building offices, classrooms, and labs to the campus infrastructure.  The cost for the project is estimated at $65,000.

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