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Current News 5/24/18

New Self-Service Password Site Now Live

As of May 21st, all students, employees, and alumni will now be able to reset passwords through a new site. The new password site is designed to reduce the need to contact the Help Desk or wait on processing to complete at the UT system level. One of the features of the new site is that it allows users to provide a ‘recovery’ email, such as a non-University personal email address. Students, employees, and alumni will receive a code at their personal email with instructions on how to use the code in the password recovery process. In addition, the new password site allows users the option of including a mobile phone number to receive a text containing their password recovery code. The purpose of the recovery code ‘authenticates’ or verifies the person attempting to log in.  

 Once logged into Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR), the following options will be available to all students, employees, and alumni:

·        Password change/recovery

·        Update recovery contact information

·        View account history 

To access the new Self-Service Password site and its many features, visit: 

For additional information related to these features, please visit the IT knowledge base located at:

Please contact the Help Desk at (423) 425-4000 if you have any questions.

Computer Refresh Update

The first batch of devices have been ordered, and systems have started to arrive onto our campus. We have begun the deployment stage of this program. To get the latest update, please see the Computer Refresh site at: 

As a reminder, the Computer Refresh Program was established to create an annual cycle of computer replacement so that all full time faculty and staff would receive a new, primary computing device every four years. The University refresh fund contributes up to $1,200 toward a refreshed device with departments paying for any overages. If we have not already, we will be contacting the remaining departments soon with projected timelines for delivery. Our target completion date for the program is the 2nd week of August 2018.

New Version of Identity Finder

In the coming weeks, I.T. will be deploying a new version of Identity Finder. This tool searches for personally identifiable information (PII) and other types of sensitive data on your local machine or shared drive.  If you currently have this software installed on your computer, please send an email to so that we can schedule time to complete this upgrade. The new version fixes some bugs and works only when system resources are available so that it will not impede your work.

Update: Notifications of Employee Terminations

Great news!  A recent review of terminated employees showed that they all had access to Banner and associated systems removed before or on their last day.  Keep up the great work by notifying Human Resources of terminating employees so that I.T. will know when to disable their access.

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