Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

When you want to run Windows 10 on server grade hardware.

Malware on DNA

Someone has managed to encode “malware” on to a DNA strand.

It’s Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released updates for their softwares.  Update when you can.

Microsoft’s New Bug Bounty

Microsoft will now pay up to $250k for the right kind of bug.

Apple Software Updates

Apple has released updates for iTunes, iOS, WatchOS, and MacOS.  Make sure to patch your systems soon.

Verizon Data Loss

Approximately 14 million Verizon customers may need to reset their PIN and check their accounts.  A company accidentally exposed customer data on a S3 server instance.

July Patch Tuesday

Microsoft and Adobe have released updates for their products. 

NotPetya was not Ransomware

Experts are stating that the latest “Petya” ransomware infection was not ransomware, but rather a malicious code designed to delete data w/o any chance of restoration.

Petya Ransomware Spreading

A new variant of the Petya ransomware is infecting PCs worldwide.   It is demanding $300 in BitCoin but the email address mentioned in the ransom note has been disabled.  It is believe that decryption is impossible even if the ransom is paid. Please be careful, do not click on suspicious links or open suspicious email attachments.

Time to Review Your SnapChat Location Settings

The app is sharing your location every time you open it.