Windows 10 S for Education

Windows 10 S (aka Windows Cloud) is aimed at Education and only runs approved apps from the Windows Store.  New hardware is also being introduced to compete with Chromebooks.

Flaw in all Intel Based Systems

If you are using Intel’s Active Management Technology, this could allow full access to any network connected PC.

Windows 10 Creator’s Update Brings New Windows Defender

A revamped interface with improved detection for the built in AV product in Win10.

Breaches Bring on Blockchain

If you don’t know about hashes, blockchain, and Merkle trees you might want to look at the future of data integrity for businesses.

New Mac Malware, Dok

This malware is signed with a real developer certificate, which means OS X will install it w/o complaining.  It spies on all communications (including SSL/https) and usually infects via link in an email.

April Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released updates for April with 210 rated critical out of a total 640.  Adobe has also released patches for Reader, Flash, and Acrobat.

Beware, Word Documents Spreading Malware

A new 0-day flaw is being exploited via Word documents.  If you receive an unsolicited docx, open it with a online viewer.

Windows 10 Creators Update Available Early

You can download the ISO for your home PC.  Only suggested for Power Users and above…..

MacOS and IOS Updates

Apple has released updates for IOS and MacOS.  Patch if you use them.

Apple Says “We’ve not been hacked!”

Some bad guys have demanded payment from Apple or they will delete millions of accounts from iCloud.