Ransomware (WannaCry)

A Ransomware (WannaCry) attack that began on Friday, May 12th targeted Microsoft Windows operating system machines. Ransomware is malicious software that infects the target machine and locks out the owner until a sum of money is paid to the attacker. UTC IT immediately took action by informing the public through various communication sources to insure all systems were secured and patched. Ninety percent of campus computers have been patched and we are continuing to patch all remaining devices. If you have questions, please contact the IT Solutions Center at (423) 425-4000.

OneLogin Password Manager Hacked

If you use OneLogin, change your master password immediately.

Critical Vulnerability in Samba 3.5.0

Make sure to update your Samba soon if you’re affected.  A simple one line command can lead to code execution.

VLC Vulnerability

If you use VLC, KODI, or Popcorn Time you need to update your player.  A serious vulnerability has been found.

macOS 10.12.5 Released

Apple has released an update to Sierra that includes patches and the ability to use Windows 10 Creator’s Update with Boot Camp.

WanaCryptor Ransomware

Be very careful with attachments, make sure your antivirus is up to date,  patch Windows, and practice skeptical computing.  Doubt everything.  An outbreak of ransomware is happening hitting Russia especially hard.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released patches for this month.

Adobe Patches Flash

Adobe has released critical patches for Flash.  Windows 10 will auto update it.

Critical Windows Defender Vulnerability

Microsoft has released a patch for a critical bug in their antivirus product(s).  All users of Microsoft Security Essentials (Forefront also), known now as Windows Defender, should update immediately.

MacOS Version of HandBrake Infected

If you downloaded HandBrake for MacOS in the last few weeks, you need to make sure your Mac is not infected.