Michelle Obama makes Inaugural Fashion Statement

By Ashley King

WASHINGTON (UTC/AP)–Michelle Obama proved to America that she was ready to dress like the 44th First Lady during the Inauguration Tuesday as she showed support for new designers apparel. 

Obama wore an ensemble to the inaugural ceremony that exceeded expectations from the public compared to previous clothing she has worn in the past. Her attire during the ceremony was made of a lemongrass-yellow and the public was very pleased by her appearance.

Michelle Obama wore accessories to emphasize her day look by dressing up her ensemble with J.Crew green gloves and Jimmy Choo green patent leather pumps.

“Her support means so much to designers who can’t afford to advertise,” said Nicole Phelp, executive editor at Style.com.

Obama’s attire at the rounds of balls Tuesday night was designed by upcoming designer Jason Wu, 26. She wore a stunning white gown dotted with beads and covered with fabric petals. 

“I wanted it to look like a sign of hope,” Wu said. 

Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan also wore white inaugural gowns. The gown will be donated to the Smithsonian, according to tradition. 

“She’s a modern woman who is fashionable and even flamboyant in her style and she is still taken seriously,” said red-carpet and magazine stylist Mary Alice Stephenson.

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  1. Michelle Obama is such a wonderful woman. I believe that she would be an excellent first lady.”‘”