Obama Forced by Top Chefs to Improve Food Policy

By Ashley King 

WASHINGTON (UTC/AP)–Top chefs from all over the US traveled to Washington for Obama’s inauguration with high hopes that Obama’s taste for good food will encourage people to feast on food out of the ordinary. 

While President Bush rarely dined out, Obama enjoys exploring different foods, according to Rick Bayless, the chef of the restaurant, Topolobampo. Bayless says, by looking at his table manners, Obama is clearly there to enjoy himself.  “What I’m hoping is that he’s going to recognize that we need to do what we can in our country to encourage real food for everyone,” Bayless said. 

These chefs seek to cook food with the finest, locally grown, and most nutritional ingredients available on the market. They encourage restaurants to shop at local farmers markets, or even grow their own vegetables. 

Many chefs believe that American food is grown with no caution on what its doing to our environment and it’s over processed and not safe for people to consume. This actually makes it hard for local owned farmers to sell their health foods at high profit because food is available processed, yet cheaper. 

Dan Barber, Chef at New York’s popular Blue Hill restaurant, hopes that Michelle and Barack Obama will advertise the healthy foods they are feeding their children because good food needs more publicity. 

Barber cooks fresh food grown at his own local farm.

Although most chefs realize that government support for better food policy will take time, they have dozens of suggestions to improve the policy. 

Publicity on what you eat can go a long way. 

“Everyone’s going to want to be like the Obamas,” Bayless said. 


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