2009 Brings Change for UTC Housing Department

By: Ashley King

CHATTANOOGA (UTC)–The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga works hard each year to create a comfortable, yet affordable residence life for incoming and existing students. Due to an increase in economic living expenses and an increase in student enrollment UTC Housing is looking to make a few changes in the 2009-2010 school year. 

According to Steven Hood, Director of Housing, during the 2008-2009 school year housing rates ranged from $1,735  to $3,231 per semester, but with a 20% increase in electricity and a 5% increase in cable this year students should expect a 4%-5% increase in housing costs in the fall.  Although many face tough circumstances with the economic crisis,  housing officials do not believe the increase will have a huge impact financially on housing projects. 

“We want to be good fiscal stewards by making sure that we will sustain both the campus and housing enrollment before building additional housing,” said Hood.  Additional housing has been considered but there are no specific plans to build so at this time. 

Probasco South Campus, previously known as UTC Place, is still owned by the UC Foundation. UTC was asked to manage the housing that they own. This major change became effective January 1st. Students can now pay for South Campus Housing through the Bursar’s Office along with other tuition and fees. 

UTC officials managing South Campus Housing hope to create some changes to campus life to deliver a consistent campus experience to each student, regardless of where they live. 

“Housing is set on making sure students feel comfortable here on campus by creating a second home here on campus,” said Alex Cooze, RA in Johnson Obear Apartments. 

970 Campus Housing Residents made the Fall 2008 Dean’s List, an increase of more than 160 students from Fall 2007. 

“This is a truly wonderful accomplishment and worthy of recognition,” Hood stated as he congratulated these students. 

Students are encouraged to check their UTC email on a regular basis and pay attention to campus flyers around campus so they can be aware of updates on signing up for housing for the 2009-2010 school year.

Room Renewal Dates for Current Residents include:

  • February 5-6     Where residents can change room within the same building
  • February 9-10   Where residents can move to any available bed space anywhere on campus
Annual Scholar’s Residence Program
  • February 16       

2009-2010 Housing Contracts

Rising Utility Costs Increase Housing Department Expenses

UTC Student Housing

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