Back to School Blues

By: Meaghan Dant

Chattanooga, TN (UTC)– Though the oppresive heat of summer is still blazing, summer vacation is officially over, and the 2009-2010 school year is in full effect.

August 17, a day many students have been dreading, is upon education seekers at UTC.  The campus has the hustle and bustle of a new and perhaps hectic school year present on every sidewalk and inside every building.

The first day of school is different than the rest, according to senior Ashley McKoy.  “You can tell that the first day of school is in full swing.  There’s no parking anywhere, and the campus police are already writing unlucky students tickets.”

See a report from WRCB Channel-3 Eyewitness News on the first day of class at UTC.


Looking around campus, it is easy to spot the lost freshman meandering around with a map, and it’s interesting to note how different their reaction to school seems to be when compared to their upperclassman counter-parts.

The first day of fall classes at UTC brings record enrollment

Upperclassman seem to have a different agenda than the young freshman class.  “My priorities my last semester have completely changed when compared to my first semester,” McKoy said.  “My first day four years ago was all about finding my class, and catching up with friends.  This time, I’m here to go to class, and leave.  I only have nine hours left and that’s all that matters.”

Kayla McFall, a freshman from Knoxville, TN., admits that her nerves from being away from home are present as she starts her career as a college student.  “I have mixed feelings about my first day; I’m both scared and excited.”

Though Kayla has expected first day jitters, campus committees and activity groups, set up their tables and booths all around campus, offering students information and refreshments.

Kayla is one of nearly 2,300 freshman attending UTC this semester according to Chuck Cantrell, Assistant Vice Chancellor of University Relations.  “Not only freshman enrollment has increased since last year, our overall enrollment has improved by leaps and bounds.”

As of the first day, UTC has well over 10,000 students walking the campus, but Cantrell believes that number will dwindle after a couple of weeks.  “I expect to have around 10,200 students as the final count after the 14 day settling down period.  Once students are done changing their schedules, or perhaps decide to leave, campus will calm down quite a bit.”

While campus will come to a settling point by the end of the month, right now students should expect long lines, and arrive to campus in plenty of time to find a decent parking spot.

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