Budget Cuts: Whose Turn is it Now?

By: Catherine Daniels-Smith

Chattanooga, TN (UTC)–  In the upcoming academic year, UTC is planning on making significant budget cuts to any area the institution deems necessary.

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission produced a list of academic programs that have produced the lowest amount of graduates in the past ten years.  Parts of UTC’s language department fell into these categories along with humanities.

“From that list people began to say we were dropping those programs, but that’s never been the case,” Chuck Cantrell, University Relations spokesman said.

UTC will be reviewing the academic programs again at which time they will look at many criteria, not just the number of graduates from a program.

“We do not anticipate cutting any academic programs,” Cantrell said.  “We did out best to protect all of the academic departments especially the faculty.”

The athletic department has faced the brunt of the budget cuts.  The department is staffed only by a few people and have unfortunately had their budget cut again.  According to the department’s spokesman, if the issues at hand go continually unnoticed, the department will be heavily impacted.

According to the budget, the university was planning on hiring more full time faculty to facilitate the need for more teachers caused by larger student populations.  The university however, plans to use more part time faculty to teach classes which is expected to save the school around $200,000.

“We need more teachers,” Emily Cloud, a junior from Cleveland said.  “Students are already having a hard enough time finding classes, and it will only get worse.”

UTC recently learned the school will receive money from the economic bailout, which should help displace some of the budget cuts.

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  1. Stimulus funds will not go toward keeping budgets from being cut. Those funds will go to shovel-ready projects that do not require long-term support.